An octopus plush perfect for expressing emotions

octopus plush is the ideal gift to help express emotions

1. The octopus plush, an attractive, fun and pleasant plush
2. Details that are sure to attract you!
3. Who can use the reversible plush?
4. More than a toy, a real means of communication!
5. When to give the reversible octopus plush?

Expressing ourselves using words sometimes seems to be the only way to tell the people around us about our moods and emotions. For the little ones who sometimes don’t have the right words or even for the older ones, talking is not always what we would like to do in certain situations. Thus, it is quite possible to express oneself by gestures or more fun, to do it by using unusual objects. The reversible octopus plush is the right object to express yourself without saying a word. What is it and how to use it?

The octopus plush, an attractive, fun and pleasant plush

The reversible octopus plush is a playful plush made of cotton for an unparalleled softness to the touch. Available in different colors (yellow-orange, purple-blue, pink-green), this non-toxic and harmless plush will satisfy absolutely all tastes. Lightweight and very easy to carry, you will certainly not want to part with it under any circumstances.

Details that are sure to please you!

The reversible octopus plush is a real jewel developed by My Octopus to serve you ! This plush will certainly make you melt with his happy or sad round eyes, depending on his mood, which will translate yours whenever you want. That’s right, this beautiful plush has two colors: one when she’s in a good mood and the other when she’s feeling irritated. In fact, with a single simple gesture you can turn it over and over to discover its different moods.

Who can use the reversible plush?

The reversible plush can be used by absolutely everyone with no age or gender limitations. Yes, men and women, big and small can use it easily. For the little ones, this plush is a unique way to show their mood and feelings about a given situation. No more endless crying! You just have to show the right side of the reversible octopus plush and it’s done! Beautiful, small and light, you can decide to treat yourself to a collection of all the colors of this magnificent jewel!

More than a toy, a real means of communication!

With the reversible octopus plush, you won’t have to search in vain for words that match your mood. This stuffed animal allows you toavoid long explanations. Whether you are with family or friends, simply turn it over to show your friends and family your current mood. Why not adopt this reversible octopus plush as a permanent means of communication in your home? Fun and original, this plush will bring back the good mood that will persist around you. You may not need to use the face that reflects the “upset” mood!

When to offer the reversible octopus plush?

Looking for the perfect gift for your child, your parents, a friend, a brother, a sister, or your spouse? The reversible octopus plush is a wonderful gift to give, but also for you. For back to school, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or just for the pleasure of giving, this plush will be the perfect gift. You will be able to communicate with your child or with your lover to avoid arguments that drag on. Your octopus plush will speak for you and guide others in relation to your mood. Have you always had trouble apologizing and coming back from an argument? This is an effective way to avoid long, unnecessary and unpleasant arguments with the people you care about.