It is the childhood par excellence, but the comforter is also very present in adults and the elderly.

Excessive nostalgia, neurotic object or sign of immaturity, keeping or acquiring a giant reversible octopus plush is much more frequent than we think and very revealing. Here are the keys.

Excessive nostalgia, neurotic object or sign of immaturity, keeping or acquiring a giant reversible octopus plush is much more frequent than we think and very revealing. Here are the keys.

Solange is a young adult of 29 years old whose home is contemporary and equipped with all the modern objects of the 21st century. Even in his room, except for one detail. A beautiful smiling blue giant octopus plush smiling blue is waiting for him on his pillow in “happy” mode: it is the giant size of the famous reversible octopus from Mon-Octopus.com

“My grandmother gave me this giant reversible octopus plush. I gave her the octopus reversible octopus and she loved it. I really didn’t think she would offer me one, a giant one at my age! But it’s a thing between her and me when I was little and I would go from smiling to crying in an instant and she’s kind of the same,” she explains.

“She’s a somewhat magical imaginary friend who reassures me that my giant reversible octopus plush is comforting and always waiting for me at home…”

“At 29 years old it’s a little strange to receive a plush giftbut my grandmother had felt that it could be a useful gift: I had broken up with my boyfriend 3 months earlier, I found myself alone in a new home that I had chosen and furnished of course, but there was, I think, an element missing and a little bit of tenderness to cope with these changes that I still felt were violent.”

“My giant reversible octopus plush is my security,” explains Solange. I hold her close to me but sheshelters and comforts me. It has a bit of the smell of my grandmother’s house, I talk to her, I play with the reversible side as if she was answering me. When it’s time to go to sleep, I systematically take her against me, like a little pillow. But often, if I spend the day alone at home, she is never far away. It’s a presence that makes me feel good.”

Do not repress this part of yourself

“Of course friends are sometimes mocking or even ironic. But generally speaking it is well accepted and it is not rare that one of my guests takes my giant reversible octopus plush for the evening. The side content-not content is very attractive. I don’t really sleep with it, but I keep it next to me on the nightstand.”

“I don’t care what other people think. I do as I want at home, it’s my freedom. I have a very active life, I run around all day. Having a giant reversible octopus plush does not take away from my daily skills. In fact, I find that this need for comfort in a world that is not always easy and where we often find ourselves alone is very natural.”

Reassurance of the child and the adult

Many adults have stuffed animals. For children, it is a transitional object that facilitates the passage between the house and the outside world. It helps with the gradual separation from the mother and the protective father.

For adults, theplush/soft toy retains a reassuring and comforting function. Whatever the object chosen, it will be personalized and the adult will attribute to it a power against the aggressions of the outside world.

The comforter/soft toy protects us from the difficulties of everyday life. Everyone attributes to him and projects what he expects from him: interlocutor, the one to whom one can talk about everything without being judged (and who will always agree), protective talisman, if he is there everything is fine, I can sleep well. The stuffed animal in the adult is a resurgence of the child in us, but, an effective resurgence that must be preserved because we cannot move forward by leaving the child behind.

The giant octopus plush is ideal by its size to ensure this function and its communicability “ content-not content ” is an undeniable asset for the personification and the communication that you will establish with it.