Having a bad day? Express it to your loved ones with the My Octopus reversible octopus plush! It’s a guaranteed effect with your entourage!

my blue and pink octopus


Louise F.
Great bright color and very soft plush. received quickly with follow-up. I will have to buy more because of my large family and great success!
Anaïs R.
Fast shipping, package in good condition, I am very happy with my purchase. The plush is very soft and I think it even smells good, no chemical smell like some I bought on other sites that you have to leave outside for them to air out. Thank you

Any questions?

Our parcels are delivered between 8 to 12 working days, after the treatment of the order (48h on average). Just enough time for you to make room for your new friend!

Don’t panic! You will receive an order confirmation email within minutes of placing your order! You will have all the tracking information to prepare for the arrival of your future friend as soon as the processing of your order is completed and the carrier has taken charge of your package. You can also track your package here

We are sorry to hear that. Simply send us a video of the damaged octopus in question to the email address: [email protected] and we will send you a similar replacement item as quickly as possible.
We are located in Paris, France.


Excessive nostalgia, neurotic object or sign of immaturity, keeping or acquiring a giant reversible octopus plush is much more frequent than we think and very revealing...

"How are you today?" Here's a question we ask without really expecting an answer. While it is essential to express your emotions, it is sometimes complicated to explain precisely what you are feeling in the moment. Here are 4 reasons to adopt your octopus blanket today!

These days, finding an original gift for your loved ones can sometimes be difficult. To help you, here is the reversible octopus plush, a gift suitable for all occasions. Don't hesitate to offer it to your loved ones to please them or simply to show them your affection. You can also offer this plush to your children.

Expressing ourselves using words sometimes seems to be the only way to tell the people around us about our moods and emotions. For the little ones who sometimes don't have the right words or even for the older ones, talking is not always what we would like to do in certain situations.

Very often, we take it upon ourselves to lighten the mood and avoid big arguments. However, suppressing our emotions is bad for us and for the couple. So how do you get your feelings out without shouting or having a long discussion?

Our plushies at your side!

Karim L
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Very good quality and fast delivery
Maiden S
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As soon as they put them online I ordered mine, it goes too fast on this store! This is a first review I'm posting, but I've ordered more than a few times from this awesome store! Received mine very quickly despite the fact that I had made a mistake in the address, the after-sales service corrected everything very quickly. They are great!

François H
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I am glad that this store sells these plushies because I have always been satisfied with the quality. I ordered a tricolor, I received it in less than 15 days, great!

Océane l
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very good I received them now I don't get tired of them and I take them with me everywhere
Léna Z
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Super pretty! Perfect.

Sabrina l
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I just received it for my daughter, in pink and green, it is of good quality and very soft, she will be delighted, order the 28/11/20. the delivery remains correct, given the current situation, serious site and good follow-up of delivery.